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Zero Environmental Impact

We are changing the last mile paradigm to achieve
"Zero Environmental Impact"

Advanced analysis models, free software, disintermediated PUDO, proximity deliveries, and measurable environmental impact KPIs.


Analysis, software, tools for the development of new Zero Environmental Impact models.


Welcome to LESS

Conceived in 2019, LESS was born from an encounter of three skilled creators and founders: Fabio Pietrosanti, Andrea Cocito, and Elma Pietrosanti.

LESS is an innovative start-up with a social vocation – a non-profit initiative with communities’ best interest at its heart: to change the rules for the right to transparency on the environmental impact of e-commerce and transport.

LESS intends to produce a long-term social impact with permanent results, which begin with analysis, change in processes, and micro-delivery, then in the economic system of distribution with PUDO collection points, and finally, a change in the behavior of the recipients by helping them become aware of the opportunity to contribute to the vision: reduce the environmental impact generated in the last mile of transport reaching private consumers” (B2C: business to consumer).

LESS’ primary objective is to demonstrate to the recipients the effect of their choices in terms of CO2 saved with concrete and measurable outcomes.


Find out about LESS
Our areas of focus are centered on a series of incremental projects, which are operationally quickly implementable, scalable, and easily integrable within the organizational fabric of the territory.
The common feature of these projects is the reduction of environmental impact.
From the implementation of each individual process follows a chain of both environmental and economic savings.

New technologies

Development of enabling technologies, in terms of procedure (information exchange), information (systems and models for monitoring the result achieved), and development & design of necessary physical tools (ergonomic backpacks, trolleys, sorting and preparation systems).

New, never before seen processes, architectures, and distribution methods that are scalable and distributed free of charge. Low-tech hardware approaches and free software.


A new concept for exchanging goods, supported by the creation of PUDO delivery points that are easily accessible and disintermediated. An evolved vision of proximity deliveries involving new persons such as shopkeepers and local workers in the architectural typology of the last mile distribution, with the potential for social growth for care-takers and part-time workers, with flexible working hours close to home.

Economic and social development

Promoting disintermediated collection points (PUDO) where the recipient can pick up their online purchases without the usual time constraints or restrictions imposed by the seller and the courier in charge of transport; helps the economic realities of the territory grow in an ethical manner, creating new services for the public administration, developing job opportunities, and social integration in the territory.

Zero Environmental Impact

Scientifically developed models to reduce environmental impact. Using KPIs as project output indicators for effective measuring. Programs developed to increase environmental awareness that value brand reputation. Lobbying for change: getting public administration, associations, and NGOs involved with the common purpose of regulatory environmental activities for greater environmental impact.

How things currently stand

E-commerce is having a devastating impact on the environment!

Future of sustainable delivery.

Efficient, Zero Environmental Impact, Social.

Are you ready for LESS?


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