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Invest now in the future trends with
"LESS Megatrends"

LESS is a non-profit tech startup (SIAVS). LESS develops new technologies, know-how, solutions, models and tools to redefine how last mile delivery works in express courier towards a “zero impact” goal.

The mission is to “Reduce the environmental impact of express transport in last mile deliveries to B2C users”.

How to participate in Less:

Equity Impact Investment: Commit to investment, participate to the social governance:
• Impact Investors
• Business Angels
• Philantropic Funds

Logistics Companies, CEP: Channel volumes of stuff to deliver to the PUDO and Microdelivery network. Integrate or extend existing networks

OEM Network Partners: Other player wanting to startup a new network, at a local or national level, interconnected with the other networks

Waiting for Professional Inv.
min. 1.650.000 ___________________________________ max 2.150.000

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The LESS Megatrends:
a multi-thematic and global diversification in a single solution.

Megatrends LESS encompass the most significant global trends. They are global investment trends determined by unstoppable factors linked to the evolution of our way of life; the world is constantly evolving and the themes representing the changes that will affect the areas of our life are already emerging: climate change, the energy transition chain, sustainable mobility, innovation and technological disruption.

Why invest in an INNOVATIVE startup like LESS.

Diversifying the portfolio by investing a portion in shares of an innovative startup corresponds to an increase in profitability in a short time. The short-term return is guaranteed by the high growth potential and supported by the unquestionable strength of global investment trends.

Invest now in the future trends with
"LESS Megatrends"

The information on the offer is not subject to approval by Consob. The Offering company is solely responsible for the completeness and truthfulness of the data and information provided by the latter. The investor’s attention is also drawn to the fact that the investment, even indirect, through OICR or companies that invest mainly in financial instruments issued by innovative startups and SMEs is illiquid and characterised by a very high risk.

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